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Liquid UI for Android, Release Notes
« on: April 04, 2014, 11:32:28 AM »
Liquid UI for Android - 2/14/2018
  •   •  [FEATURE]     Input field history toggle from Insider
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug squashing

Liquid UI for Android - 1/23/2018
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug squashing

Liquid UI for Android - 12/15/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Now upload signature through services for object
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug squashing

Liquid UI for Android - 10/23/2017
  •   •  [ENTERPRISE FEATURE]    Liquid UI Notifications can finish your pending tasks in SAP
  •   •  [FEATURE]    URLs can do more, so that you can enjoy dinner without worrying about work
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug squashing

Liquid UI for Android - 10/06/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Position retention after keyboard is dismissed
  •   •  [FEATURE]    F4 OCX Dialog dismissal fixes

Liquid UI for Android - 08/24/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    SAP Event connector from webpage to ERP backend server

Liquid UI for Android - 08/16/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Configure barcode scanner for post processing on home screen
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Scan your SAPGUI connection to your android connection list

Liquid UI for Android - 07/14/2017
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug termination on nested scroll for smaller screen sizes
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug termination on grid control
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Backward compatibility with older features for existing user base

Liquid UI for Android - 06/22/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Scanning to support 2D Barcodes
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Scanning now available on Table Columns
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug terminations on F4 OCX UI
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug terminations on scrollable UI
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug terminations on SAP Message display UI

Liquid UI for Android - 05/30/2017
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Bug terminations on Table UI

Liquid UI for Android - 05/26/2017
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Bug terminations on Grid and UI Usability

Liquid UI for Android - 05/22/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Localization after SAP login language set to JA and KO
  •   •  [FEATURE]    Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All made available on input fields
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Enhancements on user interactions
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug terminations on Tree, Grid and F4 OCX UI

Liquid UI for Android - 03/31/2017
  •   •  [FEATURE]     TLS/SSL support through Liquid UI
  •   •  [FEATURE]     Secure Connect support through Liquid UI Server
  •   •  [FEATURE]     Centralized License distribution through Liquid UI Server
  •   •  [FEATURE]     GPS data “lat,long” populated on inputfields long tap options
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Bug squashing on scrolling ability
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Bug squashing on calendar control
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Enhancements on user interactions

Liquid UI for Android - 11/08/2016
  •   •  [FEATURE]     Barcode scan support on all SAP fields
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Bug squashing on scollability and long tap for tooltip

Liquid UI for Android - 10/13/2016
  •   •  [FEATURE]     F4 OCX Search Help
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Internal rewiring

Liquid UI for Android - 09/30/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Enhanced stability
  •   •  [TWEAK]        Tree support extended to newer transactions

Liquid UI for Android - 09/16/2016
  •   •  [NEW]      Intuitive UI
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Refinements for Tree Control
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Refinements for Bluetooth Printer compatibility

Liquid UI for Android - 06/23/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Refinements for Focus
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Refinements for Tabstrips
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Refinements for Search Help

Liquid UI for Android - 06/14/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Scrolling improvements
  •   •  [TWEAK]    SSO into NWBC portal now supported
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Enhancements for Longtext controls saving data
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Enhancements for Tree controls rendering
  •   •  [TWEAK]    Now downloads unsupported file formats

Liquid UI for Android - 05/17/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Android OS Kitkat compatibility

Liquid UI for Android - 05/12/2016
  •   •  [FEATURE]  Store Business Document uploads now supported
  •   •  [TWEAK]     General UI Enhancements
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Motorola SYMBOL TC70 device support
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Samsung S7 Edge can access menu by long pressing back button
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Tree controls rendering

Liquid UI for Android - 04/28/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]     LiquidUI5 Theme upgrades
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Table Columns with Checkboxes
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancement to Tabstrips visibility on VT01N transaction
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Korean character encoding
Liquid UI for Android - 03/04/2016
  •   •  [TWEAK]     LiquidUI5 Theme upgrades
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Table SAP Layout
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Tabstrips
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for List Screen
  •   •  [TWEAK]     Enhancements for Longtext

Liquid UI for Android - 01/23/2016
  •   •  [FEATURE]   LiquidUI5 Theme for Android.
  •   •  [TWEAK]       Bug fixes for Longtext (Not Filed)
  •   •  [TWEAK]      Bug fixes for Tabstrips(Not filed)

Liquid UI for Android - 12/21/2015
  •   •   [FEATURE]   Services for Objects now Available
  •   •   [11691]      [ALVGRIDCONTROL] The Grid is not visible on the Android Device
  •   •   [12225]      [APPCRASH][SE38][ALVGRID] Liquid UI app crashing when going to ALV grid screen in SE38 T-code
  •   •   [12428]      [LONGTEXT] Multiple Input lines in the LongTextBox are being rendered as one line
  •   •   [12460]      [LONGTEXT] Data Disappearing when switiching between tabs in the same tab strip
  •   •   [12439]      [Fix Column][Columnwidth] Columnwidth command affects fix column calculation
  •   •   [12447]      [WCTL] Tabs over lap; unable to open tabs
  •   •   [12448]      [WCR3] Tabs overlap; unable to switch tabs

[New Feature]
10921     Need to display Grid Control
   •  Data display
   •  Single row, Single cell selection
         o  Cancellation is different from iOS.
         o  You have to click the same selection to cancel.
         o  For multiple row selection, it can be done without holding other keys.
   •  Column Selection
         o  Cancel rule is the same as row cancellation.
         o  Multiple column can be selected by clicking different columns rather than selected.
   •  Select All
         o  From toolbar button, and from the corner button of the Grid.
   •  Deselect All
         o  From toolbar button, and from the corner button of the Grid.
   •  Jumps to other screen.  Two ways to go to Central Header  screen.
         o  Double click the line item or single cell to go to the Central Header screen
         o  Selection of row or cell + Details button  --> Go to the Central Header screen.
   •  Sorting
         o  Selection of a column + Ascending/Descending --> can be sorted in the order you selected.
         o  Without selection of the column, Define Sort Order dlg comes out.
Liquid UI for Android
11018     [Field] iw31:input data in Mn.wk.ctr field, press enter, data is gone.
11019     [Field] iw21: Cannot transfer selected value in F4 list to Notification field
11020     [date] me21: not display the default date in the first page.
11026     [GRID] me51n:Required field check marks appear sporadically.

Liquid UI for Android
11011     Migo: After selected column, APP crash.         
10995     [Inputfield] [WScommand] Inputfield all attribute is not supported.         

Liquid UI for Android
10985     [Keyboard] / nex-Enter cause crash.         
10986     [GRID] [SORT] Selection of the column +  Ascending or Descending sort should sort the colum data directly.         
10987     [GRID] IW38: Define sort order dlg  clicking element from right area crashes app.         
10997     [Radiobutton] [WScommand] Create radiobutton, just display not worked.         
11001     [INSIDER] Notification default  buttons "OFF" can be  changed to "TURN OFF"         
11003     [GRID] [FIND] [F4 ] [Modal] IW38: F4 in Defermine values for filter criteria causes crash.         

Liquid UI for Android
10552     [About us] Info does not scroll up in landscape in Nexus 7           
10752     [Listview] Cannot display all of texts in list view in me55.  (Verified in         
10793     [Longtext] iw23: Entry of Longtext doubles by using Writing pad.         
10922     SAP Router Implemented (Verified in         
10928     [Checkbox] Don't show this screen again is not working. (Verified in         
10930     [Modal] mm01: selected the first line, display keyboard and F4.         
10935     [Grid] [Pushbutton] me51n: After press delete button, APP crash           
10936     [Grid] IW38: Does not support double click.           
10984     Button Event shows Map on device         

Liquid UI for Android
10599     [Checkbox] me55: Cannot display checkbox on listview in me55         
10653     [Listview] FBL5n: Cannot see the last column         
10751     [Checkbox] Cannot display checkbox on modal 2 screen in me55.         

Liquid UI for Android
10564     [Column] [Tables] mm01: Cannot display 4th column continuously, if is symbolic         
10602     [Icon] me21n: Cannot display icon which is beside Not Yet Sent text in me21n.         
10630     [Multiple session] Cannot display session's name by using system menu to open new sesion.         
10631     [Font Size] FontSize cannot Change the Dropdownlist 's font         
10758     [Context menu] More of item display on context menu in migo. (Verified in         
10743     [Checkbox] iw31: checkbox back color is blue.         
10797     [Context menu] va01: Some of menu display two times in va01.         
10813     [Context menu] Some of items display two times in contexst menu on ih06 (Verified in         
10868     [Date] me21: date format changed.
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