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Liquid UI for iOS, Release Notes
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:48:56 PM »
Liquid UI for iOS - 02/13/2018
  •      Support for context menus and submenus on OLE Toolbar buttons
  •      Bug fixes for grid control
  •      Bug fixes for barcode scanning
  •      Other UI bug fixes

Liquid UI for iOS - 01/30/2018
  •      UI fixes for table control
  •      UI fixes for Grid control
  •      UI fixes for calendar layout
  •      Added monospace font selection on screens
  •      Option to clear tcode and inputfield history cache
  •      Other UI bug fixes

Liquid UI for iOS - 12/07/2017
  •      Non-renewing subscription for one year and one month
  •      Bug fixes for push notifications for SAP processes
  •      Bug fixes for Signature view
  •      Bug fixes for INVALID GUI FOCUS data
  •      Fix for toggling between multiple sessions
  •      UI enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS - 11/06/2017
  •      Bug fixes for barcode scanning
  •      Enhancements to Apple Push notifications for SAP processes
  •      UI Bug fixes

Liquid UI for iOS - 10/25/2017
  •      Bug fixes for iOS 11
  •      Bug fixes for SAP automation URL
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Enhancements to Apple Push notifications for SAP processes
  •      Other UI bug fixes

Liquid UI for iOS - 08/30/2017
  •      Bug fixes for barcode scanning
  •      Bug fixes for HTML control
  •      Bug fixes for Tabstrip control
  •      Bug fixes for Table control
  •      Option to turn on/off inputfield history
  •      Other UI bug fixes

Liquid UI for iOS - 07/07/2017
  •      Support for Checkbox and Radiobutton on Grid control
  •      Option to scan credit card on inputfields and table cells
  •      Updated communication protocol for License Management Portal v2.0
  •      Bug fixes for Grid control
  •      Updated UI for Calendar control
  •      Bug fixes for ORCA and UI5 themes
  •      UI enhancements for table control

Liquid UI for iOS - 05/03/2017
  •      Bug fixes for Table control
  •      Bug fixes for Inputfield
  •      Bug fixes for Checkbox
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Rendering of KE30 transaction screens
  •      Smartattributes for Barcode scanning

Liquid UI for iOS - 04/14/2017
  •      Bug fixes related to Portal licensing (LMP)
  •      Localization Language support (Updated System messages with Japanese and Korean). If user logs in to SAP as JA or KO, all system messages will be displayed in that language.

Liquid UI for iOS - 03/21/2017
  •      UI Enhancements
  •      Bug fixes for Grid control
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Bug fixes for F4 OCX control
  •      Bug fixes for Docking control
  •      Bug fixes for Barcode Scanner configuration
  •      Support for adding current location on inputfields

Liquid UI for iOS - 03/07/2017
  •      UI Enhancements for Treecontrol
  •      UI Enhancements for Calendar control
  •      UI Enhancements for Dynamic Grid control
  •      Display SAP System messages
  •      Bug fixes for License Manager Portal
  •      Bug fixes for Barcode Scanner configuration
  •      Draggable UI for SAP Docking control and Splitter control
  •      Disable auto spell check (Predictive text) on SAP fields
  •      Other UI enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS - 12/07/2016
  •      Updated UI for Calendar control
  •      Support for sapscript
  •      UI Enhancements for Connection list layout
  •      UI Enhancements for Dynamic Tablecontrol (Fixed and movable columns)
  •      UI Enhancements for Splitter control (Drag to change the width and height)
  •      Bug fixes for Fixed font and proportional font on labels and inputfields
  •      Bug fixes and UI enhancements for Grid control
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Bug fixes for F4 OCX Tabcontrol
  •      Bug fixes for Docking control
  •      Bug fixes for Table control
  •      Other UI enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS - 10/05/2016
  •      Bug fixes for iOS 10
  •      Bug fixes for Barcode scanning functionality   
  •      Enhancements to SAP URL Automation 
  •      Bug fixes and enhancements to SAP Connection list UI 
  •      Bug fixes for Table control
  •      UI Enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS - 09/28/2016
  •      UI Enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS - 09/14/2016
  •      [NF-20160901-CN-01] App Crash on View Attachment on IW22
  •      [NF-20160831-CN-01] App Crash while opening iCloud Drive on iOS version 8.0 or below

Liquid UI for iOS - 09/02/2016
  •      Pay per month licensing [In App purchase]
  •      Scan QR code to add a SAP connection
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Bug fixes for Grid control
  •      Bug fixes for Splitter control
  •      Bug fixes for SecureConnect feature
  •      Bug fixes for iOS 7.1
  •      Bug fixes for Services for Object
  •      Bug fixes for Tabstrip control
  •      Bug fixes for HTML conttrol
  •      Updated helper menu for Inputfields
  •      Update sy3 file on client if configured on LiquidUI server
  •      Support View Attachment for Store Business Document
  •      Support for Print Preview Document
  •      Support Barcode scanning on table cells
  •      Other UI refinements   

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.6 - 05/17/2016
  •      Support for Store Business Document [saphttp]
  •      UI Enhancement for popup windows
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      Bug fixes for Tabstrip control
  •      Bug fixes related to iOS 7.0
  •      SAP GUI 740 Connection bits

Liquid UI for iOS - 04/19/2016
  •      [Feature][Ironman]   Liquid UI Management Portal
  •      Opening a SAP Webview through Single Signon
  •      Automation via sapr3 URL and .sap shortcut file
  •      Enhancements and bug fixes for F4 OCX control
  •      Bug fixes for Tabletree control
  •      UI Enhancements

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.4 - 03/02/2016
  •      Enhancements for URL automation
  •      Bug fixes for longtext control
  •      Bug fixes for Korean language localization (ks_c_5601-1987)
  •      Bug fixes for F4 OCX control

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.3 - 02/17/2016
  •      [12496] [BLUETOOTH][ZEBRA][PRINTING] Bluetooth printer not printing
  •      [12396] [ME53N] [CRASH] LiquidUI for iOS crashes on ME53N when logging in in Spanish
  •      [Fix] When user connects iPad to external keyboard, the keyboard accessory view on the screen is messed up
  •      [Fix] When user highlights a value on F4 list screen and double clicks on the value again, the value is not populated on inputfield
  •      [Fix]Navigate between differnt tabs on WCR3 transaction and hit Back button
  •      Fix for NF-20151214-02
  •      URL automation support
  •      UI Enhancements for Tablecontrol

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.2 - 01/04/2016
  •      Refinements for Longtext control
  •      Refinements for Tabstrip control
  •      Refinements for Treecontrol [SPRO Transaction]
  •      Refinements for Dynamic Tablecontrol
  •      UI Support for F1 OCX Help window
  •      Fixes for Listscreen checkbox events
  •      Fixes for keyboard accesory view
  •      Fixes for INVALID GUI Focus Data errors
  •      Fixes for Tablecontrol columnwidth
  •      URL Schema for sapr3 URL links
  •      Implementation of GetIPAddress OLE call
  •      Other Bug Fixes

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.1 - 11/13/2015
  •      [12380] [CRASH][VA01] iOS app crashes before the displaying the notification message
  •      [12335] Invalid GUI Input: FOCUS DATA issue on SU3 transaction on zeus
  •      Double click event on Dynamic TableControl cell
  •      Table Cell history on Dynamic Tablecontrol
  •      Fixed rendering of readonly cells on Tablecontrol
  •      Fixed keyboard popping up when focus is on readonly inputfield
  •      Refinement for new Dynamic tablecontrol
  •      Added title bar for Grid control
  •      Fixes for GridControl rendering issues
  •      Fixed UITableView related crash on iOS8.4 [Add Connection crash]
  •      Increased Apptoolbar sensitivity area
  •      When there is a system error message on a delta screen, the inputfield that contains invalid data is highlighted and the keyboard is popped down to show the error message to user.

Liquid UI for iOS 2.0.0 - 10/1/2015
  •      [12287] The scanner configuration takes the wrong value
  •      [12288] [back button] doens't work on LM01 only in LiquidUI for iOS
  •      [12300]  MIGO: Tab content is overlaying after deleting tab
  •      Fixed bugs on Menu selection
  •      Fixed Abap error on XD01 F4 OCX searches
  •      Fixed crash on Tabletree on iw22
  •      Fixed crash on Service For Objects Create Attachment
  •      New: Tweet for License

Liquid UI for iOS
[MAT Holdings] Controls inside Splitter control are not displayed with right height
[MAT Holdings] Radiobutton event on EHP6 ERP causes Invalid GUI data
[AstraZeneca] Service For Objects - Cannot upload Attachments in iOS8
[AstraZeneca] Combobox does not display dropdown items from selected/default value
Liquid UI for iOS
Compatibility for iOS 8 (Fixed Rendering issues and Crashes)
Liquid UI for iOS
1. HTML Control Click event does not work on me51n
2. Support Grid Control on EHP6 ERP
3. Combobox value UTF8 Issues

Liquid UI for iOS
11351 [AstraZeneca] Cannot display Grid Data on iw38
11390 [AstraZeneca] Label of WS Inputfields are trimmed
10590 [RapidApps] GuiXT Table row selection does not work
10590 Dropdown - Cannot select and save blank values
Multi-Row and Column selection for Grid
GridControl in iw38 doesn't retain all data after navigating back from a DoubleClick event
OLE ToolBar Button Click does not trigger event
Option to delete a license file
Screen size is wrong when starting the app during phone call
Cannot dismiss keyboard on logon screen
Liquid UI for iOS
1. Implementation of Multiple Column Hierarchy TreeControl (MMBE transaction)
2. Screen blackening out while starting the app
3. Rendering of SAP icons have updated
4. Cannot display Total at the bottom of the grid.
5. Cannot show the icon of Superior objects dlg.
6. [iPhone]Context menu height is too small.
7. Textbox cannot show to the end and text cannot deal with wrapping in display.
8. Cannot close the connection '/nex' in migo after doing F4
9. Checkbox in FB02 not displayed
10. Connection list is still highlighted in connection list even after connection has been lost
11. Display black screen when connecting to lost connection
12. F4 does not work on Grid cells
13. License loading issue (.sy3 works but not .SY3)
14. TreeControl bugs on SingleClick and DoubleClick events
15. Connection list - Deleting an active connection should show warning message
16. License status message gets overlapped on About Dialog
17. Closing the last multiple session across multiple connections causes crash
18. Re-structuring of Grid code
19. 11146 [required][rapid] Location app: WS required does not show in iOS
20. 11237 [Dropdown][VA02] The dropdown list doesn't show last row, the empty selection
Liquid UI for iOS
Fixed crash during server selection
Liquid UI for iOS
10971 [Crash] Switching from Scanner Config Menu->Connection Details Screen 
11049 [Tables] Set column width equals to zero doesn't hide the column in Liquid UI for iOS

Liquid UI for iOS
8415 [Modal 1] [Radiobutton] va01:Cannot choose radiobutton 
10477 [Connection list] Connection list is blank, but still can log on system
10966 [F4] VA01: Slide value by scroll view, no responsed. 
11006 [Text] [Liquid UI for iOS] Text doesn't display entire text
10865 [License] When use Enterprise 1 day expired license, it doesn't display "license expired" information
11050 [License] Using purchased in-app license, app says License is not installed
10920 [Crash] [Liquid UI for iOS] Crash when scan a barcode from inputfield 
10971 [CRASH] Switching from Scanner Config Menu->Connection Details Screen

Liquid UI for iOS
10866 Critical [License] After add incorrect license, but Liquid UI for iOS recognized is valid. Pass
10920 Major [Crash][Liquid UI for iOS] Crash when scan a barcode from inputfield Pass
10737 Major [Liquid UI for iOS] Liquid UI navigation screen content / longtext display window/Image disappear after shrink and return Pass
10927 Major [SFO] [Liquid UI for iOS] App hanging when opens up the attachment list window Pass
10911 Major [AstraZeneca] IW47 grid table pops up a "Select an object" dialog window when click "detail" Pass
10961 Normal Labels rendered as readonly TextFields Pass
10962 Normal Scroll View for List screens. Pass

10912 Normal [SFO][AstraZeneca] File get attached incompletely, either show or doesn't show an ABAP error at the end
10909 Major [AstraZeneca] Grid table becomes empty after IW38->IW32->Save
10893 Normal [SFO] [AstraZeneca] Opens wrong selection within attachment list
10894 Major [SFO] [AstraZeneca] Connection drops after open attachments at 3rd time

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