Liquid UI - WS Reference Library



With checkbox(), you can create and modify checkbox.


checkbox ([startrow,startcol],"Label name",{"name":"internal_name_of_checkbox","option":value…});


  • startrow,startcol – row and column co-ordinates
  • Label name – name for the checkbox that appears on the screen
  • @0Y@Labelname - name of the checkbox with icon
  • @4V\\Qlable Tip@Labelname - name of the checkbox with tool tip and icon

Available Options

You can use the following options with the checkbox: 


"default":X - Checkbox is selected by default.
"default":" " - Checkbox can be selected or deselected.


Technical name for the checkbox for Liquid UI scripts reference.


"readonly":true - Checkbox cannot be selected.
"readonly":isReadOnly - Checkbox is selected by default just like "default":"X" option.

Options Detail


  1. This option will make a checkbox appear as pre-selected.

  2. checkbox([1,10],"Release",{"name":"g_updtrel","default":"X"});
    checkbox([1,30],"Repair Lable",{"name":"g_repairLbl","default":" "});
  3. "default":X - Checkbox is selected by default
    "default":" " - Checkbox can be selected or deselected.


  1. This option lets the user to give an unique technical name for the checkbox for Liquid UI scripts reference.

  2. checkbox([1,10],"Final",{"name":"z_cork_chkbx"});
  3. The name assigned to the checkbox acts as a field name for scripts reference


  1. This option makes a checkbox unavailable for selection/marking.

  2. checkbox([1,10],"Save to Info Record",{"name":"z_va0x_saveInfoRecord","readonly":isReadOnly});
    checkbox([1,30],"Drop Ship O",{"name":"z_va0x_dropShipOrder","readonly":true});
  3. The checkbox cannot be selected when we set "readonly":true. The checkbox is selected by default when "readonly": isReadOnly, just like "default":"X" option.

In addition to the above options, there is also other functionality that can be associated with checkbox using Liquid UI WS. The capabilities are:


  1. The 'offset' option is used to position the checkbox relative to the Notification type screen element. The syntax is as follows:
  2. checkbox({"field":"F[Notification type]","offset":[0,30]},"Check this box if the notification type is M1",{"name":"z_checkm1"});
  3. The checkbox needs to be checked to access different fields or tabs in the next screen, if you select notification type as M1.


To demonstrate the usage of checkbox, we will consider a scenario, that shows the usage of checkbox to reject the order in simple steps, as shown in below figure:

Figure : Checkbox for rejecting the Sales Order


checkbox({"field":"F[Order]","offset":[0,25]},"Reject the order",{"name":"z_reject"});

Script Details

Tips and Tricks

  • Adding tips to Checkbox

    With this example, you can know how to add a tip to the existing checkbox in the MB1C transaction of the SAP screen. Go to the initial screen of MB1C transaction on SAP screen and enter the following code:


     tip("C[Print]","Check this to print");

    As per the code, the checkbox labelled as "Print" will have a tip as "Check this to print" on mouseover it.

  • Adding a Quick info to the Checkbox

    A quick info is added to the checkbox using checkbox command by labeling the name with an icon and tip.


    checkbox([1,24],"@01\\Qplease check it to proceed @I Agree");

    As per the code, the checkbox labeled as "I Agree" will have a tip as "please check it to proceed" on mouseover it.

  • Using set command to select the Checkbox

    Using the set command, you can pre-check the checkbox by setting the value ”X”. Here we used readonly option in the checkbox command, so that this will not allow the user to modify the checkbox values. The syntax is as follows


    checkbox([1,24],"I Agree",{"readonly":true});
    set("C[I Agree]","X");

    As per the code, the checkbox labeled as "I Agree" is pre-checked and cannot be changed as we used readonly option in checkbox command.