Liquid UI - WS Reference Library



With tip(), you can add a tool tip to a SAP element.

Note: The tip() command is applicable only to the native SAP screen elements and does not work on Liquid UI elements.


tip("F[ScreenElement]","This is a tip");

The tip command is available for use with any of the following elements.

Checkbox tip("C[checkbox_name]","Tip goes here");
Inputfield tip("F[field_name]","Tip goes here");
Pushbutton tip("P[pushbutton_name]","Tip goes here");
Radiobutton tip("R[radiobutton_name]","Tip goes here");
Groupbox tip("G[groupbox_name]","Tip goes here");
Table tip("T[table_name]","Tip goes here");


The tip command does not take any options.


The following example demonstrates the usage of the tip() command.

Creating tips with checkbox


  1. Navigate to the 'Enter Other Goods Receipts' screen(mb1c).
  2. Execute the script file and refresh the screen.
  3. The tip appears on the Print check box, as shown in the Figure 1.

    Figure 1:Enter Other Goods Receipts: Initial Screen


 tip("C[Print]","Select to print");

Tips and Tricks

  • Creating tip to inputfield

    we will add a tip to the 'Order Type' inputfield on the VA01 screen in SAP.

    tip("F[Order Type]","This Field maintains the list of order types.");

    Place the cursor on the inputfield to see the tip.