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5.3 Customize SAP with Liquid UI SDK

You can simplify the SAP screens using Liquid UI SDK. Once the SAP screens are customized, you can view these simplified screens on your SAP GUI, iOS, and Android.

For example, consider Create Material screen. The tcode is MM01. On MM01 transaction we have a dropdownlist for selecting the Industry sector type. If we simplify the dropdownlist to radiobutton, the user can simply select the type with just a single click instead of scrolling down the complete items in the dropdown menu.

To customize the transaction with Liquid UI SDK, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to SAP.
  2. Launch Liquid UI Designer.
  3. Navigate to MM01 Transaction.
  4. Sync Designer with SAP GUI by clicking refresh button on Designer.
  5. The MM01 transaction on SAP GUI and Liquid UI Designer will appear as follows:
  6. Delete the Industry Sector field by selecting the Inputfield and Dropdownlist with a CTRL key. Then, do a right click and select delete option to remove the Industry Sector from the screen.
  7. Click save and see the changes on Designer and SAP GUI.
  8. The script editor window will generate the script automatically after deleting the field as follows:
  9. Switch to Designer’s WYSIWYG editor and add a new Radiobutton by clicking on the icon for the Radiobutton element. Then click on the WYSIWYG screen where you want to place the Radiobutton. Double click on the Radiobutton to add the label name. The screen now appears as shown below:
  10. Submit Apply and OK buttons on the Radiobutton property window. The Radiobutton will appear as follows:
  11. Likewise, add more Radiobuttons for replacing the Industry Sector types. The Designer and SAP GUI will appear as following:
  12. The script editor will generate the following script:
  13. Now, create a Groupbox by clicking on the groupbox icon on WYSIWYG editor and position it on the screen. Double click the Groupbox to edit its properties.
  14. Click save and see the changes on Designer and SAP GUI.
  15. Finally, the MM01 screen is simplified with the radiobuttons around the Groupbox. The user can now just select the desired type with a radiobutton. The script editor for this complete customization will appear as following:

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