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Display of Pushbuttons relative to table


Runs On

  SAP GUI Android iOS WM Web
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Liquid UI Server Connect


This example uses two pushbuttons to display them relative to table using the table attributes in VA01 second screen. This helps in displaying the pushbuttons on the SAP screen as per your requirement on any device.

User Interface

  1. In SAP GUI.
  2. In iOS.
  3. In Android.

Liquid UI Script


// table attributes are fetched using ‘gettableattribute’ 
gettableattribute("T[All items]", {"firstvisiblerow":"FVisRow","lastvisiblerow":"LVisRow", "lastrow":"LastRow"});
//Lastvisible row is added with ‘3’ to add header and table border space occupied by table on screen table_temp = LVisRow+3;
//Pushbuttons are made relative with table and variable “table_temp” is used in place of row coordinates pushbutton(["T[All items]+["+table_temp+",50],"Check"); pushbutton(["T[All items]+["+table_temp+",60],"Enter");