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applyguiscript - using templates


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Demonstrates how applyguiscript is used with templates.

User Interface

We will use a pushbutton to execute a process that includes calling a VBScript. The VBScript is named 'test_apgs1.vbs' and will be placed in the designated script directory. We will then create a custom function that will include the applyguiscript command to call the VBS script. The screen is displayed as shown below:

Once the name of the VBS script has been passed to Liquid UI, the applyguiscript command can call the specified VBScript.

Liquid UI Script

for(a=firstChild; a!=null; a=a.nextSibling)

pushbutton([3,17],"Display Image in Attachment" , "/niw22",{"process":iw21_displayatt,"size":[1,30]});

function iw21_displayatt(){
	onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.0100'
		set("F[Notification]" , "10008358");
	onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200'		
	onscreen '*'		
	onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200'		
Once the user clicks OK, the script will execute. In this case the VBScript is what will actually display the specified image in an attachment.