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Numerical and Date Options


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Two very useful options available for the input field command are “numerical” and “date”. The “numerical” option restricts the user from entering any letters into the field. The “date” option makes the F4 key bring up a calendar for the search help. These options are helpful in cutting down invalid input when the fields are meant only for numerical values or more specifically, dates.

User Interface

Log into SAP. Navigate to VA01 and an input field for the current date will be present. User cannot type any letters in this input field and if an F4 is pressed, a calendar will appear for help.

Liquid UI Script


// For this inputfield, the numerical and date options will be set to true
inputfield([0,0],"Enter today's date:",[0,22],{"size":10,"name":"z_current_date", "numerical":true,"date":true});