Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Reference Multiple Selection Fields


Runs On

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To reference the multiple selection pop-up for a field that is available and displayed on different screens.

User Interface

Log into SAP and on the SAP Easy Access Screen you will see the Liquid UI fields. Enter the values and click on the multiple selection pushbutton ().

Liquid UI Script


// Function to pull up the multiple selection pop-up
function multipleselection(param){
    onscreen 'RVV50R10C.1000'              // General Data Tab             
        if(param.l_tab == 'PO'){
            enter('=S0S_TAB5');            // Purchase Orders Tab                

    onscreen 'RVV50R10C.1000'           // Purchase Orders Tab                           
        clearscreen();                    // To hide the screen background
        if(param.l_selection == '=%00210300000713501'){

    onscreen 'SAPLALDB.3000'            // Popup for multiple selection
        goto RECHECK_POPUP;

    onscreen 'RVV50R10C.1000'              // Purchase Orders Tab                                     
        if(param.l_field == 'purchasedoc'){
            set("V[z_vl10g_podocnum]", "&F[ST_EBELN-LOW]");                    // Purchasing Document Number
            set("V[z_vl10g_podocnumto]", "&F[ST_EBELN-HIGH]");                // Purchasing Document Number to    
        enter('/n');                       // Back to General Data Tab    

// User Interface
del('X[IMAGE_CONTAINER]');    // Delete ActiveX Container on SAP Easy Access screen
inputfield([1,1], "Purchasing Document", [1,25], {"size":10, "name":"z_vl10g_podocnum"});
inputfield([1,45], "to", [1,60], {"size":10, "name":"z_vl10g_podocnumto"});
pushbutton([1,75], "@1E\\QMultiple selection for Purchase Orders@", "/nVL10G", {"process":multipleselection, "using":{"l_tab":"PO","l_selection":"=%00210300000713501","l_field":"purchasedoc"}});    // Purchase Orders Tab