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The localvaluehelp command enables users to access help for possible input sets for SAP inputfields when you perform a right-click on the field in question. This command will function both on GuiXT and native SAP fields. The localvalue help command can be used only on inputfields.

NOTE: To enable localvaluehelp, the following entries must be entered in the guixt.sjs configuration file:

User Interface

Log into SAP and on the SAP Easy Access Screen you will see the Liquid UI fields. Right clicking on any of those fields will display the localvaluehelp using domains as shown below:

Liquid UI Script

Step 1:

// In GuiXT WS configuration file, 'guixt.sjs' make sure the domains path and the option below are set-
historyonrightbutton    = true;
domains = "C:\\guixt\\scripts";

Step 2:

// In the path specified in the configuration file place the file with the list of options-
// dom.E.CURRENCY.txt
ADP //Andoran peseta
AED //United Arab Emirates Dirham
AFA //Afghani
ALL //Albanian Lek
AMD //Armenian Dram
ANG //West Indian Guilder
AOK //Angolan Kwanza
BBD //Barbados Dollar

// dom.E.SHIPVIA.txt
A1 //Truck - Van
A2 //Truck - Flat Bed
A3 //Truck - Rail Deck
A4 //Truck - B-Train
A5 //Truck - Maxi
A6 //Truck - LTL
A7 //Cust PickUp Van
A8 //Cust PickUp Flat B
R1 //Rail - 50' Box car d
R3 //Rail - 52' High Cube
R4 //Rail - 60' High Cube
R5 //Rail - 60' Flat car
R6 //Rail - 66' Flat car

Step 3:
// User Interface

del("X[IMAGE_CONTAINER]");   // Delete ActiveX Container on SAP Easy Access
inputfield([2,1],"Ship Via",[2,15],{"name":"z_va0x_shipvia","size":2});            
localvaluehelp("F[Ship Via]",{"domain":"SHIPVIA"});