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Liquid UI: Set a Group of Variables


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The set command can be used to set more than one variable. If we name all the variables with a naming convention in a script, then the set command can set all the variables in one simple line. In this example, the variables all begin with “z_”. When the set command is used, the first parameter passed is “V[z_*]”. This will set all variables that begin with “z_”. This is very useful for clearing variables at the end of a script.

User Interface

Log into SAP. On the easy access screen five input fields will show. The load button will set all variables to a string “GROUP-SET”. The clear button will clear all the variables.


Liquid UI Script


// Have 5 inputfields with the variable name all starting with "z_"
// a button to load the variables
pushbutton([0,35],"Load Variables",{"process":loadVar});
// a button to clear the variables
pushbutton([1,35],"Clear Variables",{"process":clearVar});
// function sets variables to "GROUP-SET"
function loadVar()
// function clears variables
function clearVar()