Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Scenario 1 - Creating a Sales Order


SAP standard interface consists of maximum possible options, of which, not all the options are useful. Further, the options to create a Sales Order are spread across multiple screens. Using WS commands, you can aggregate the necessary options and work on less number of screens.

Consider the following Create Sales Order screen. 

SAP Process

The screen aggregates the necessary elements and functions from multiple screens, to create a Sales Order.

User Interface

Liquid UI Process

Using a Single Screen

Liquid UI Script

In the following example, we will create a box around push buttons.

Manual Procedure

To execute the script file, copy the content to a text editor and save the file with the following naming convention:

A script file name has the following parts:

  • Program (screen) name
  • language – e (for English)
  • Screen number
  • File extension – .sjs

For this scenario, save the file with the name saplsmtre_navigation.e010.sjs in the GuiXT folder that is mentioned in the guixt.sjs file. The guixt.sjs file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\.

Using Designer

Copy the script to the Designer.

Once you are ready with the script file, follow the steps:


Execute the script on SAP Easy Access screen.

pushbutton( [TOOLBAR], "Create Material",{ "process":createMat, "using":{ "v1":"BEARINGS", "v2":"C", "v3":"FERT" }});

function createMat(param){
  onscreen 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.0101'
  // Create Material (Initial Screen)
  onscreen 'SAPLMGMM.0060' set('F[Material]', param.v1); set('F[Industry sector]',param.v2);
  set('F[Material Type]',param.v3);
  onscreen 'SAPLMGMM.0070' set('cell[TABLE,0,1]','X'); set('cell[TABLE,0,4]','X'); set('cell[TABLE,0,6]','X'); set('cell[TABLE,0,12]','X'); set('cell[TABLE,0,13]','X'); set('cell[TABLE,0,14]','X');
  onscreen 'SAPLMGMM.0080' set('F[Plant]', '1000'); set('F[Stor. Location]', '0001'); enter();

box([2,4], [6,50], "Launch Pad");
pushbutton([4,6], "Create Sales Order", "/nva01"); pushbutton([4,28], "Create New Material", "/nmm01");
pushbutton([10,20], "@4D\\QCreate a Std. Sales Order@Std. Sales Order",{ "process":va01_process, "size":[2,24], "using":{"z_va01_ordertype":"OR"}});

function va01_process(){
  onscreen 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.0101' enter('/nva01');
  onscreen 'SAPMV45A.0101' set('F[Order Type]', 'or'); enter();