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Below example explains about how to display search help for liquid UI field and additional search help options.


User Interface

In order to display search help for liquid UI field use search help or technical name of the original SAP field.

Search Help options:

1. Import data using shselname1 and shselvalue1 option to restrict search help
Example: Restrict Material F4 list based on specific plant
Navigate to SE11 transaction

Enter searchhelp and click display

Only Parameters with Import flag can be Passed

Pass dynamic value to retrieve search help

2. Retrieve additional data using shname1 and shdest1 option

Example: Retrieve Industry sector Description
In SE11 click on display option for search help H_T137

Only Parameters with Export flag can be retrieved

Liquid UI Script


inputfield([2,4],"Sales Org.",[2,16],{"name":"z_va01_salesorg","size":4,"searchhelp":"H_TVKO"});
inputfield([4,4],"Mat Grp.",[4,16],{"name":"z_mm01_matgrp","size":3,"techname":"MARA-MATKL"});
inputfield([6,4],"Material",[6,16],{"name":"z_mm01_material","size":18,"searchhelp":"MAT1","shselname1":"WERKS","shselvalue1":"1000"}); inputfield([8,4],"Plant",[8,10],{"name":"z_mm01_plant","size":4}); inputfield([8,17],{"name":"z_mm01_material", "size":18,"searchhelp":"MAT1","shselname1":"WERKS","shselvalue1":"V[z_mm01_plant]","nolabel":true}); inputfield([10,4],"Industry Sector",[10,18],{"name":"z_mm01_indsec","size":2,"searchhelp":"H_T137","shname1":"MBBEZ","shdest1":"V[z_mm01_inddesc]"}); inputfield([10,23],{"name":"z_mm01_inddesc","size":8,"nolabel":true});