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With boxsize(), you can resize a native SAP box element. Using this command, you can accommodate more elements within a box or remove elements from a box. This command enables user to organize screen elements and the screen layout.

Note: The boxsize() command is applicable only to native SAP box element and not to Liquid UI box element.


boxsize("G[Label name]",[startrow,startcol]);


  • Label name - name of the box without icon.
  • startrow, startcol - row and column co-ordinates


The boxsize command does not take any options.


In this example, boxsize command is used to resize the box in the MB1C transaction after deleting the Reason for Movement and Special Stock fields.


boxsize("G[Defaults for Document Items]",[6,42]); 

Script Details

Tips and Tricks

  • Resizing of a box

    In the following example, the native Organizational Data box in VA01(Create Sales Order: Initial Screen) is resized, after deleting the Sales Group and Sales Office fields.

    boxsize("G[Organizational Data]",[5,62]); 

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