Liquid UI - WS Reference Library



With tablewidth(), you can change the width of a table control in SAP. This command can be used only with native SAP tables.


tablewidth("T[TableName]", X);
Note: The 'X' is replaced by the numerical value of the new width for the table. The width specifies the number of characters.


The tablewidth command does not take any options.


  • TableName - name of the SAP table.
  • X - Specifies new tablewidth of the SAP table.


To demonstrate the table width command on the 'All items' table in the VA01 transaction, please do the following:

  1. Open the VA01 screen and enter the following data:

    Order Type:OR
  2. Press the Enter key. The following screen will display.

  3. Open the VA01 script file and add the following line.

    tablewidth("T[All items]", 50);
  4. The screen will now display as shown below.