Liquid UI - WS Reference Library



With usecss(), you can modify Web Server css files.

The usecss() command is used to modify the included CSS format in the WS Web Server. These modifications are usually for personalizing the WS platform to match a customer's corporate environment, but can be for a variety of purposes. Some possible uses might be to add a background image or to specify an external location for a CSS file. In this section we will demonstrate how to use the usecss() command.


The usecss() command does not take any options.

Adding a background image

To add a background image to the CSS:


The string in the preceding syntax would include the specifications for the background image. For example, if we wished to use the image file 'Synactive.jpg', we would need to add the following code to the config.sjs file in the C:\Program Files\Synactive Inc\GuiXTFuzion directory:

usecss("body.urBdyStd{background-image: url('.demo_images/synactive.jpg'); No-repeat;}");

On execution of the code, the image gets added as a background image to the server. CSS files are also maintained in the server.

Specifying an external CSS file

You can also specify an external file to use as the CSS file with GuiXT Web Server:

usecss("C:\\Program Files\\Synactive Inc\\GuiXTFuzion\\test.css");

Liquid UI Web Server will now use the specified file as the source for the CSS.