Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.1 Configuration

In order to work with Liquid UI Inplace Edit, you need to configure guixt.sjs file as per WS-specfic configuration done for Liquid UI WS. All WS-specfic configuration for Liquid UI WS in a local implementation is performed in the guixt.sjs file.

This entry in the guixt.sjs file defines the script directories where Liquid UI WS will search for script files. Users can have up to four directories and these are searched in the order of sequence. Here is how you can specify your script directory path:


//Script Directories
directory1 = "C:\\liquidui\\scripts";      	//Primary script directory


rfcuser = "gxtrfc"; //RFC Username
rfcpassword = "guixt800"; //RFC Password

license = [];
Your License goes here..

Licenses must be installed in each relevant guixt.sjs file for each product in order to function as designed. In other words, the Liquid UI WS license must be placed in the main WS guixt.sjs file. A sample guixt.sjs file appears below:

In case of the Liquid UI Server, please see the Liquid UI Server documentation.

In case of the Liquid UI Web Server, please refer the Liquid UI Web Server documentation.