Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3 Tutorial1

In this scenario, you will learn how to record the user actions to create the script for combining various screens required to create a material. You will also understand how easy to create a material after combining various screens in to a single screen. Follow below steps to customize create material process:

  1. Navigate to MM01 screen and Activate Inplace edit.

  2. Click on the Record icon to Start Recording from the Liquid UI menu. Then a Directory window appears to choose the directory path to save the generated script file after recording.

  3. In the SAP screen, select Industry sector and Material Type as shown below and Click on Select views toolbar pushbutton.

  4. Select the views to create a material as per your requirement.

  5. Then a popup window is opened to enter the required Organizational data in the fields.

  6. Under Basic data1 tab, enter the required fields and click enter.  

  7. Under the Sales Org. Data1 tab, enter T column values and click enter.

  8. Under Sales General/Plant Data tab, enter the Trans. Grp and Loading Grp  values and click enter.

  9. Under MRP1 tab, enter MRP Type as ND and click enter.

  10. Under MRP2 tab, check bulk material field and click enter.

  11. Under Accounting1 tab, enter values for the Valuation class, Standard price fields and click enter.

  12. Click Yes to save your material data and then a success message appears in the status bar as Material 100363 created.

  13. Click on the Record icon to save the InputScript generated after recording the user actions.