Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

5.1 Implementation Requirements

Liquid UI Offline aka GuiXT Offline is installed directly on to the users’ device and can be easily customized for business. Complicated multi-screen transactions can be consolidated into one or more useful screens that fit into smaller devices, so only essential fields are displayed, keystrokes are minimized, and the communication bandwidth used is negligible. Liquid UI Offline not only increases mobility, but also the efficiency.

Liquid UI Offline provides the ability to connect with SAP Application, on an as needed basis. So as soon as the device moves in range, the user can decide when and what to download to the home system. This means that rather than having to re-enter data, orders and transactions can be seamlessly processed. Moreover, Liquid UI Offline makes efficient use of communication bandwidth by pushing most of the processing to the server side.

Therefore, whether your workforce is out on a sales call or collecting information on a remote mountain top, data can be easily collected, stored and forwarded into your SAP Application.

Offline System Requirement
There are two possible implementations of Offline - the Standard implementation which is currently available, and the new Agile implementation. These two differ in deployment in how much scripting and customization needs to be done prior to a customer beginning to actually use the Offline Suite. Each implementation offers different advantages to a customer wishing to use the Offline Suite. Although the two implementations differ in their methodology, the results obtained from each will be the same. In this section, we will discuss the differing implementations and describe some common scenarios for each. Topics covered will include: