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This is an example of using the system variable "_transaction". This system variable holds a string value of what transaction is being used. Many times, the same screen name is used for different transactions. This variable is very useful when you want a script to run only in a certain transaction.

User Interface

Navigate to VA02 to see its script portion executed.


Navigate to VA03 to see its script portion executed.


Liquid UI Script


// If the transaction is VA02, execute the following
if(_transaction == "VA02")
     // edit the title
    title("ON VA02");
    // delete the pushbuttons we don't want to for VA02
    del("P[Item overview]");
    del("P[Ordering party");
// If the transaction is VA02, execture the following
else if(_transaction == "VA03")
    // edit the title
    title("ON VA03");
    // delete the groupbox we dont want
    del("G[Search Criteria]");

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