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Display image based on platform



Example of using the system variable "_clientedition". This system variable can give information on what kind of device is being used to access SAP.

User Interface

Log into SAP using your desktop or an iOS device. Depending on your device, a different image will appear.

Above is a screenshot of the layout when accessed by an iPad.

Above is a screenshot of the layout when accessed by a desktop.

Liquid UI Script


// Author: Synactive, Inc. [1065 E. Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City, CA, 94404, USA]
// Email:;;
// Contact: 650.341.3310
// Version:

// SAP GUI Layout
if(_clientedition == undefined){
    image([0,1], "sapgui.jpg",{ "nostretch":true, "plain":true});
// iPhone Layout
else if(_clientedition.substring(2,3) == "F"){
    image([0,1], "iphone.jpg",{ "nostretch":true, "plain":true});
// iPad Layout
else if(_clientedition.substring(2,3) == "P"){
    image([0,1], "ipad.jpg",{ "nostretch":true, "plain":true});
// iPod Layout
else if(_clientedition.substring(2,3) == "O"){
    image([0,1], "ipod.jpg",{ "nostretch":true, "plain":true});
// iPad Mini Layout
else if(_clientedition.substring(2,3) == "M"){
    image([0,1], "ipadmini.jpg",{ "nostretch":true, "plain":true});
// Three pushbuttons created for transaction navigation
pushbutton([10,1],"Create Sales Order","/nva01");
pushbutton([10,21],"View Sales Order","/nva02");
pushbutton([10,39],"Display Sales Order","/nva03");

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