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Hiding SAP columns



To hide a native SAP column in a table, the columnwidth command is used. Set the width to zero to hide or remove the column from view. The columnwidth command first takes a string of the table’s name followed by a comma and then the column you wish to resize. It is important to not include any extra spaces unless there is space in the table or column’s name. The second parameter in the command is an integer, which indicates the size of that column.

User Interface

Log into SAP. Navigate VA02, and enter a sales order number. On the second screen, the columns specified in the script should be hidden from view.

Liquid UI Script


// Hiding the following columns by setting their width's to 0
columnwidth("All items,SU",0);
columnwidth("All items,Customer Material Numb",0);
columnwidth("All items,ItCa",0);
columnwidth("All items,Batch",0);
columnwidth("All items,Engin.Change",0);
columnwidth("All items,ATP quantity",0);
columnwidth("All items,PayG",0);

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