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Customize tabs based on condition


Using the checkbox value as the condition, you can design a simplified view of items in a Sales Order screen.

User Interface

This example demonstrates the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Change Sales Order: Initial Screen (VA02).
  2. Place the order number and select the checkbox to reject the particular order.
  3. Click enter.
  4. This screen shows only the Reason for rejection tab instead of the entire Sales Order data in the Change Deliv. Free of Charge (order number): Overview screen.

Liquid UI Script

Place the below scripts in the respective .sjs files indicated.

Checkbox({"field":"F[Order]","offset":[0,25]},"Reject the order",{"name":"z_reject"}); set("V[z_temp]","&V[z_reject]"); //SAPMV45A.E4001.sjs if (z_reject=="X") { del("P[Sales]"); del("P[Item detail]"); del("P[Item overview]"); del("P[Ordering party]"); del("P[Procurement]"); del("P[Shipping]"); } else{ del("P[Reason for rejection]"); }

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