Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Pushbutton with multiple options


The following example demonstrates the usage of pushbutton options:

  • Creating launchpads
  • Passing parameters to function
  • Adding pushbuttons to the SAP toolbar
  • Assigning tooltips and icons to pushbuttons

User Interface

Liquid UI Script

Launching Transactions
pushbutton([4,6],"Create Sales Order","/nva01");
pushbutton([4,28],"Create New Material","/nmm01");
Adding Icons & Tooltips
pushbutton([10,20],"@4D\\QCreate a Std. Sales Order@Std. Sales Order",{"process":va01_process,"size":[2,24],"using":{"z_va01_ordertype":"OR"}});
Passing parameters to functions
function va01_process(){
// SAP Easy Access
onscreen 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.0101' enter('/nva01'); // Create Sales Order: Initial Screen
onscreen 'SAPMV45A.0101' set('F[Order Type]','or'); enter();
Adding Pushbutton to the toolbar
pushbutton([TOOLBAR],"Create Material",{"process":createMat,"using":{"v1":"BEARINGS","v2":"C","v3":"FERT"}});

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