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Passing values using radiobutton


You can use radiobutton to:

  • Passing values on the same screen
  • Passing values to a different screen

User Interface

1. Passing values on the same screen

Navigate to va01 screen and execute the attached script file.

Figure1: Select movement type

The following examples demonstrate the usage of radiobutton options:

Based on the selection of the option you select on the 'Create Sales Order:Inital Screen' , (Collective Slip), as shown in Figure 1, the option appear pre-selected on the final screen, as shown in the Figure 2.

Figure 2: Selected option on final screen

2. Passing values on the same screen/different screen

Navigate to mm01 screen and execute the attached script file.

Figure 3: Create Material screen

Liquid UI Script

title("Create Material");
del("P[Organizational levels]");
pos("F[Industry sector]",[5,19]);
del("F[Change Number]");
noinput("F[Industry sector]");
set("F[Industry sector]","M");
del("G[Copy from...]");
del("F[Material Type]");
radiobutton([11,19],"Non Foods",{"[material type]":"NOF1"});
radiobutton([10,19],"Product Catalogs",{"[material type]":"WERB"});
radiobutton([9,19],"Packaging",{"[material type]":"VERP"});
radiobutton([8,19],"Finished Product",{"[material type]":"FERT"});
box([7,16],[12,56],"Material Type");
comment([2,22],"Screen Modified By GuiXT WS",{"size":28});


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