Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Copy text from one screen to another screen


Adds text to a SAP screen.


text([row_number,col_number],"Text Label",{option:"optionvalue"}); Adds text to a SAP screen.
var z_txt = "text"; text([rows,cols],+z_txt); Adds text to a SAP screen from a variable.
text("C[checkboxName]","New Name"); Changes a checkbox's name.
text("F[fieldName]","New Name"); Changes an inputfield's name.
text("O[optionMenu_label]","New option menu label"); text("O[functionKey_label]","New function key label"); Changes the label of a context menu or of a function key.
text("P[pushbuttonName]","New Name"); Changes a pushbutton's name.
text("R[radiobuttonName]","New Name"); Changes a radiobutton's name.
text("T[tabName]","New Name"); Changes a tab's name.

User Interface

The following examples demonstrate the usage of text() command.

Text display using variable

Text to an input field

In the following example, after selecting notificatin type, enter notification details in the Enter Notificaton Information box. When you click Notify, the notification details appear on the final notification screen.

Execute the following script on mm01 screen:

Liquid UI Script

title ("Create PM Notification - Liquid UI");
text("F[Notification type]","Select Notification type",{"text":true});
text([7,30],"Enter Notification Information");
function iw21_copytext()
{ //Create PM Notification:Maintenance request onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200' copytext({"fromtext":"z_iw21_textbox","toscreen":"X[TEXT]"}); }

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