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Assign values to screen elements


The following scenarios demonstrate the usage of set() command:

User Interface


  • Assigning values to screen elements:

 You can assign values to the elements on the Sales Order screen (VA01) using set command, as shown below:



 set("F[Order Type]","OR");
 set("F[Sales organization]","1000");
 set("F[Distribution Channel]","10");


  • Setting default radiobutton and checkbox

You can pre-select the checkbox and radiobutton in Goods Receipt screen(MB01) from VA01 screen, as shown below:




  1. Goto Create Sales Order screen (VA01).
  2. Enter the Liquid UI Script in the SAPMV45A.E0101.sjs Script File.

Note: Do not select Print checkbox. The checkbox is selected using set() command.

Liquid UI Script


del("F[Order Type]",{"triple":true});
del("G[Organizational Data]");
del("P[Create with Reference]");
del("P[Item overview]");
del("P[Ordering party]");
pushbutton([TOOLBAR],"Movement Type","/nmb1c",{"process":z_test});
radiobutton([1,25],"Indvidual Slip",{"name":"z_radio","value":"A"});
radiobutton([2,25],"Collective Slip",{"name":"z_radio","value":"B"});
		function z_test() {
        onscreen 'SAPMM07M.0400'
        if(z_radio=="A") {
          set("R[Individual Slip]","X");
          if(z_radio=="B") {
            set("R[Collective Slip]","X");

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