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Create a new dropdownlist


Dropdownlist command (also called combobox) creates or modifies dropdown lists on SAP screens. Below example explains on how to restrict dropdownlist values for the Order Type field in VA01 (create sales order) screen and execute a function automatically when a value is selected from the dropdownlist.

Consider an organization that wants to create only the following types of Sales Orders:

  • AEBO Order
  • Promotional Order
  • Standard Sales Order

User Interface

In the following example, we add a dropdownlist  in the sales order screen referring the Order Type field on the VA01 initial screen.

1. Go to the VA01 transaction in SAP.

2. Create the 'SAPMV45A.E0101.sjs' file under Liquid UI script folder, and enter the following code.

3. Save the changes and refresh the SAP screen:

Liquid UI Script

del("F[Order Type]",{"value":true});
set("V[mylist]","=--- Select Order Type---;AA=Promotion Order;CMR=Standard Order;AEBO=AEBO Order;");
dropdownlist([2,17],"mylist",{"refer":"F[Order Type]","width":30,"process":test_dropdown});
function test_dropdown()
set("F[Order Type]", z_ordertypeselected);

Hence, we can customize the Sales Order screen (va01) using a dropdownlist element that shows only the 3 types of sales orders.

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