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Assign barcode scanning feature to inputfield



The “rf_barcode” option is for the inputfield command and is usually used specifically for Android devices. On the LiquidUI app for iOS, any inputfield can have the choice of using a barcode scan instead of typing in a value. As of version, the LiquidUI app for Android does not have this supported. The way to work around this is using the “rf_barcode” option. With this option set to true for an inputfield, the same behavior can be achieved.

User Interface

  1. Log in to SAP using iOS or Android device. Navigate to IW22. For iOS or Android, without any scripts, the user is able to scan a barcode.

  2. This is not available in Android. Using scripts however, the behavior can be replicated.

    Note: The device you are using must have a rear camera for this to work.
  3. If this option is set to true and an iOS device is used, there will be a button on the side of the inputfield to open the camera.

Liquid UI Script



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