Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Pass values between sessions



To read data by opening a new session and continue processing in the old session using the data read from the new session.
In this example, when the ‘Test - returnvalues’ toolbar pushbutton is clicked, transaction code VA02 is opened in a new session and the PO Number is read and the new session is exited and the PO Number is displayed in the old session. This is extremely useful when data has to be passed or returned from a new session while processing data in the old session.

NOTE - Available from WS Version and Liquid UI Server Version 3.5.522.0 onwards!

User Interface

Log into SAP and on the SAP Easy Access Screen click on the ‘Test – returnvalues’ TOOLBAR pushbutton.

Liquid UI Script




inputfield([1,0], "PO Number", [1,16], {"size":18, "name":"z_ponum", "readonly":true});   
pushbutton([TOOLBAR], "Test - returnvalues", "/oVA02", {"process":readPONum, 'using':{'l_order':'5004'}});      


function readPONum(param){
   onscreen 'SAPMV45A.0102'
   onscreen 'SAPMSDYP.0010'
   onscreen 'SAPMV45A.4001'
      set('V[z_va02_ponum]','&F[PO Number]');
function processOldSession(param){
   onscreen 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.0100'
      message('S: Read PO Number successful!');


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