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copy text to other screen elements


The following scenario demonstrates the copytext() command usage.

We will create a notification screen to add notification details. On saving the notification, the details appear on the PM notification screen. On updating the original notification, the updated notification appears on the PM notification home screen.

User Interface

Navigate to iw21 screen and enter notification details, as shown below:


Click Create Notification. The notification details appear on the PM Notification screen, as shown below:

Navigate to the iw22 screen and enter the generated notification number, as following figure.

To view the details of previous notification, click View Notification. The notification details appear as a text, as shown below.

To update notification details, enter the details in the notification box and click Update notification. The details appends to the previous notification, as shown in below Figure.

To view the updated notification as text on the create notification screen, navigate to iw22. Click view notification. The updated notification appears, as shown in Figure below. 

Liquid UI Script

Execute the script on SAP Easy Access screen.

  1. Navigate to Notification (iw21) transaction screen and execute the attached script file.
  2. Refresh the screen.


title("Create PM Notification - Liquid UI"); 
set("z_iw21_textbox1",""); if(_transaction=="IW21") { text([7,25],"Enter Notification Information",{"size":30}); textbox([8,15],[14,66],{"name":"z_iw21_textbox1","enter text{":true,"textfont":"Arial","left":true,"textheight":"15","textweight":"5"}); pushbutton([16,29],"@12@Create Notification",{"process":iw21_copytext});
del("F[Notification]"); text("F[Notification type]","Select Notification type",{"intensified":true,"text":true}); } function iw21_copytext(){ //Create PM Notification:Maintenance request onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200'
copytext({"fromtext":"z_iw21_textbox1","toscreen":"X[TEXT]","append":true}); } /*iw22 screen*/ if(_transaction=="IW22") { text([19,32],"View/Update Notification",{"size":24}); textbox([20,19],[26,70],{"name":"z_iw21_textbox2","enter text{":true,"textfont":"Arial","left":true,"textheight":"15","textweight":"5"}); text([5,23],"&V[z_iw21_textbox]",{"size":38}); pushbutton([13,31],"@12@View Notification",{"process":iw21_copytext2});
pushbutton([28,33],"@12@Update Notification",{"process":iw21_copytext3}); } function iw21_copytext2(){ //Create PM Notification:Maintenance request onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200'
enter("/3"); } function iw21_copytext3(){ set("z_iw21_textbox",""); //Create PM Notification:Maintenance request onscreen 'SAPLIQS0.7200'
copytext({"fromtext":"z_iw21_textbox2","toscreen":"X[TEXT]","append":true}); }

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