Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.2 Upgrading Liquid UI Server

Upgrading an existing installation of Liquid UI Server aka GuiXT Server.

Synactive releases regular updates to Liquid UI Server. If you are a paid customer, you will receive these updates and will need to upgrade your server. To upgrade your server, please do the following.

Note: You must have administrative rights to upgrade Liquid UI Server.
  1. Close all SAP windows, including the Logon Pad
  2. Go to the directory containing the Liquid UI Server files. On most machines, this directory can be found at C:\Program Files\Synactive Inc\GuiXTServer.
  3. Make a backup of the current GuiXTServer folder. Synactive recommends saving it as MMDDYYYY_GuiXTServer.
  4. Open the Services tool. This tool can usually be found at Start > Control Panels > Administrative Tools > Services..
  5. Find the Synactive R/3 Proxy Service as shown below and click the Stop button to stop the service.

  6. Download the latest version of the Liquid UI Server from Synactive and save it to an easily accessible location. You will need to obtain the download link from a Synactive Sales or Support representative.
  7. Launch the InstallSheild wizard and follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  8. Open the new Liquid UI Server folder and locate the sapproxy.exe file.
  9. Right-click the sapproxy.exe file and select the Properties option.
  10. Choose the Version tab and select the File Version option.
  11. Verify that you have the correct version number.
  12. Open the sapproxy.ini file and verify that the following information matches the previous sapproxy.ini file in the GuiXTServer folder that we saved in Step 3 above.

    • ListenPort
    • TargetServer
    • TargetServerPort
  13. Close the sapproxy.ini file and go to the Services control panel we used in Step 4.
  14. Re-start the Synactive R/3 Proxy Service.
  15. The Liquid UI Server is now updated to the latest version and you can begin using it.