Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3 Using SAPConsole with Liquid UI Server

Using SAPConsole and Telnet with GuiXT Server.

SAPConsole is a character-based UI solution for RF-based handhelds and was originally shipped with the 46B / 46C SAPGui installation CD. SAPConsole is designed to translate the SAP GUI screens to character-based devices such as scanguns.

Most Synactive customers use the GuiXT Mobile client for Windows-based handhelds together with GuiXT Server to connect to Windows-based handheld devices. However, it is also possible to use GuiXT Server with non-Windows based handheld devices such as those using SAPConsole.

Although Windows-based handheld devices are more common these days, we are aware that some customer s may still have a need to deploy character-based devices and we will explain how to install, deploy and configure a SAPConsole deployment in this appendix. The following topics will be covered:

  • System Requirements
  • Installation
  • Configuration