Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3.1 System Requirements

SAPConsole System Requirements

The system requirements for implementing SAPConsole with Liquid UI Server.

Note: A Telnet server is required in order to use SAPConsole with GuiXT Server.

The basic requirements for using GuiXT Server with SAPConsole are as follows:

  • Telnet Server
  • SAPConsole
  • GuiXT Server

Operating System

The following Microsoft operating systems are supported for GuiXT Server.

  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Server 2008

Telnet Server

Telnet servers are not Synactive products. There are many such solutions that can be used and Synactive does not recommend any particular solution. It is only necessary to choose a solution that can be used on the same machine as SAP’s SAPConsole UI. The Telnet server must support VT220 emulation. The Telnet servers used in this document are as follows:

The following system requirements are based on the SLNet 2.6 Telnet server.

SLNet 2.6
1MB of system memory per logged-in user.
Required Memory Formula

The formula to calculate the amount of memory required for your deployment is as follows:

OS Memory Requriements + 2MB SLNet + (1MB x number of users)


The SAPConsole can be installed on the same machine as the Telnet server and the current system requirements are as follows:

Operating System

Windows 2003 Server (32-bit only)


600MHz Pentium III processor. Minimum cache size of 512K.


512 or dedicated RAM or above. We recommend adding a minimum of 1 GB to the server's system requirements.

OS Memory Requirements + 2MB SLNet + (1MB x number of users)
Required Memory Per User

You should typically calculate about 2MB of memory per logged-on RF session.

Storage (HDD)

Dual 10GB Raid 1 (mirrored). Only 1.5 GB is actually used by the OS, SAPCONSOLE, and telnet software.

Supported Versions

SAPConsole 4.6B and above

Screen Resolution

Currently supports screen sizes of 8x40 and 16x20. Other screen sizes may be supported via screen exits or custom transactions.