Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3.2 Installing Server with SAPConsole

Using SAPConsole and Telnet with Liquid UI Server.

To install the Liquid UI Server for SAPConsole, first install SAPConsole on the relevant handheld devices and then install Liquid UI Server on a supported operating system as described in the Install Process section of this document.

SAPConsole UI can be installed on the same machine as the Telnet server. Please see the System Requirements section for more SAPConsole detailed requirements. We will not cover the installation and configuration processes either for SAPConsole or for Telnet servers in this document. Please consult SAP's SAPConsole documentation for more detailed information on installing SAPConsole. In addition, the SAPConsole documentation is also available from SAP.

Note: A valid OSS account number and password will be required to download the SAPConsole documentation.