Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

3.4 WebServer.js

The WebServer.js file contains many functions that the Web Server relies on to perform its activities. We will not cover most of these functions, but there are a few places where you may need to modify the WebServer.js file. These modifications are as follows.

Start Transaction

If you are using the Web Server with the PDF form functionality of WSOffice, you will need to modify the start transaction in the WebServer.js file. Essentially, you will have to chance the transaction code in the WebServer.js file to match the actual transaction that you will be uploading data to in SAP. To make the necessary changes, please modify this file as follows.

  1. Open the WebServer.js file. This is typically located in the following directory: C:\ > Program Files > Synactive Inc > Webserver

  2. Find the following line.

    R3.GWSvrAction.svrHash = 'tc_zguixt';
  3. Change the transaction code 'tc_zguixt' to the transaction you will be uploading. For example, if you are doing a VA01 transaction, you would input 'va01' in place of 'tc_zguixt' and the line should now appear as follows.

    R3.GWSvrAction.svrHash = 'va01';

    You can input multiple transaction codes by separating them with the pipe as shown below.

    R3.GWSvrAction.svrHash = 'va01|mm01|va02';