Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.3 Styles

The release of Web Server introduces styles. Styles enable you to change the look and feel of the WebUI interface at runtime. Currently, we provide two styles with the Web Server. These styles are as follows.

  • Classic
  • 2010

The styles are further explained below.


The 'Classic' style is the original style that you used to see when you logged into the WebUI interface via Web Server. It has been replaced as the default style by the '2010' style. It appears as shown below.


As the name indicates, the '2010' style was introduced in 2010 and is currently the default style. It offers a brighter and more streamlined interface. It appears as shown below.

Changing Styles

To change from one style to another, you will need to enter the style into the Web browser address bar by appending the following string to the Web Server URL.


For the 'Classic' style, the URL will be as follows.


For the '2010' style, the URL will be as follows.


Once you change the style by adding the relevant string, the style will remain the same until you change it.