Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.4.1 ODBC System Requirements

The Liquid UI Web Server must be installed in order to access the ODBC functionality. In addition, you will also need the following files. These will be automatically installed by the Web Server Installer, so by installing the Web Server, you will also install the necessary files to use the ODBC functionality. To install these files, you can either use the Web Server installer or you can manually copy them to the correct directory.

Note: All of the below files must be stored in the same folder. In this case, Synactive recommends storing them in the 'C:\Program Files\Synactive Inc\Webserver\' directory.
  • GuiXT4WebApp.exe: This is the executable that actually runs the Web Server.
  • quixt4web.dll: This file contains the libraries for the Web Server.
  • webscript.dll: This file contains the Webscript parser and libraries.
  • wsodbc.dll: This file contains the libraries for the ODBC functionality.

We also recommend creating a configuration file where you will store the generic functions that you will call. In our example, we will call this file 'test.js'. This file also will be stored in the 'Webserver' directory.