Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3.1 Creating Folders

The first step in configuring a portal is to create folders in NetWeaver. The process is as follows.
  1. Log into the NetWeaver Portal as an administrator and navigating to the following location.
    Content Administration > Portal Content > Portal Content
  2. Right-click on the 'Portal Content' link and select New > Folder from the dropdown menu as shown below.

  3. The Folder Wizard will launch. Enter a name for your folder as shown below. In our example, we will use the name 'GuiXT Fuzion'.

  4. Enter a folder ID and a folder ID prefix. The prefix identifies the domain. In our example, we will use the folder ID 'GuiXT_Fuzion' and the prefix 'com.guixt' as shown above.
  5. Choose your preferred language in the Master Language dropdown menu. In our example, we will select 'English'.
  6. When you have completed filling out the Folder Wizard, click Finish. Then select the Close the wizard radiobutton and click OK as shown below.

  7. Repeat this process to create the following sub-folders under 'GuiXT Fuzion': 'iViews', 'Roles', 'Pages', and 'Worksheets'. When you have created all the folders, proceed to the Creating Roles section of this document.