Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3.5 Creating Worksets

A Workset is defined as a structured, re-usable component that is generally assigned to a user’s job role. Worksets usually involve tasks that are the activities performed in the framework of a workset. Adding a page to a workset involves assigning specific pages to a particular workset based on a user’s needs. To create a workset and add a page, please do the following.
  1. In the NetWeaver Administration go to the following location.
    Content Administration > Portal Content
  2. Right-click on the 'iViews' folder you just created and select New > Workset from the dropdown menu as shown below.

  3. The Property Wizard will launch. Enter the following parameters as shown in the example below and then click Finish.
    • Workset Name
    • Workset ID
    • Workset ID Prefix
    Note: The names should match those entered in the previous Roles and iViews steps.

  4. Select the Open the object for editing button as shown below and click OK.

  5. In the Property Editor, scroll down to Entry Point and select the Yes radio button as shown below. Then click Save.

  6. The confirmation page will display as in the following below, showing the options you have selected. Click Finish.

  7. Now you need to add pages to the newly created workset. First, make sure the new workset is open and then right-click a page under the 'GuiXT Fuzion' folder. Select Add Page to Workset > Delta Link as shown below.

  8. The page is now added to the workset as shown in the following example.

  9. Once pages have been added to a workset, you need to add the workset to a role. To do this, first double-click a role previously created. In this example, we will use the ‘Fuzion User’ role:.

  10. Go to the workset you created in the previous step. Right-click the workset and select Add a workset to a Role > Delta Link as shown below.

  11. The workset is now added to the selected role and the following screen will display. Proceed to the Adding iViews to Pages section below.