Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.4.5 Creating System Aliases

Once you have associated the roles with the users, you must create an alias for the system. To create an alias, please do the following.

  1. Log into Netweaver as an administrator and go to the following location as shown below.
    System Administration > System COnfiguration > Portal Content > Content Provided by Other Vendors > End User Content > GuiXTFuzion
  2. Double-click on FuzionSystem.
  3. The Property Editor will display. In the Display dropdown menu, select 'Sytem Aliases' as shown below.

  4. In the Alias Name field, enter the requisite system alias name and click Add. The User Mapping Status will change to the following.
    User Mapping Status: Ready for user mapping configuration
  5. Click the Save button and proceed to the Assigning User Permissions section.