Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.4 How do I connect Liquid UI for Android to my SAP Server?

  1. Launch the Liquid UI for Android app and click Connect to my SAP.
  2. Fill out your SAP Server information in the form and click Connect to my SAP.
    • Description specifies information about the server.
    • Group/Server specifies the name or IP address of the SAP application server. Professional and Enterprise Edition users will specify the name or IP address of the Liquid UI Server if one is deployed.
    • Instance Number specifies the target port that connect to either the SAP application server or the Liquid UI Server.
    • Client is the SAP client ID (Optional value).
    • SAP Router specifies router address if you are connecting to your SAP Server using a router.
    • Username specifies your username for logging into SAP.
    • Password specifies your password for logging into SAP.
    • Auto Logon allows you to connect automatically to SAP server, instead of providing logon credentials each time.
  3. Server Connections, confirming successful saving of SAP server information.