Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.2 Architecture

The Liquid UI client resides on the user's Android phone or tablet. For an Enterprise deployment, which includes the ability to present customized screens and transactions, the client communicates with your SAP ERP system via the Liquid UI Server. The client is configured via a preference pane on the device and the server is managed via configuration files that reside on the machine housing the Liquid UI Server. The scripts that deliver the customized device screens and processes can be housed in any of the following locations.

  • Liquid UI Server
  • Network Share
  • SAP Web Repository

The Android devices containing the Liquid UI app communicate with the Liquid UI Server wirelessly, but the connection between the Liquid UI Server and the SAP ERP system is a wired Ethernet connection. Both the Liquid UI Server and the SAP ERP system itself will reside behind the customer's corporate firewall.