Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3.9 Web Services


Liquid UI for Android uses web services to provide you an end-to-end integration with external programs to use the applications required and stay productive. You can load data into SAP from external programs like Sales force, Excel, PDF, make RFC call, interact with web service or integrate with a database like Oracle, SQL and more.

Liquid UI provides a way for screens to consume a web service. For example, provide turn-by-turn instructions to help users get to a certain address, or translate a German language UI to English before the data is posted to SAP. In these examples, Google web services were consumed using simple scripting and Curl. You can also include hyperlinks in the UI to launch Safari to open up any web page.



You need to add the following .dll files in the Liquid UI Server to access the required web service in the Liquid UI for Android.

  • wscurl.dll using with the load command to transfer data from a WS script to an external URL, such as Google Translate. This is particularly useful for foreign-language users who wish to input text in a non-Western language and then use a service such as Google Translate to change the text into English or some other language.

    For more information on wsCurl, click here.

  • wsprint.dll to print directly from WS scripts. The WS platform extends the functionality of WS by providing the ability to use printers through Webscript. The wsprint.dll contains a set of libraries that you can use to access and use printers from within Liquid UI WS scripts. Currently, this functionality is in use in the field by several of Synactive's customers.

    For more information on wsprint, click here.

User Interface

In this article, you can see various web services supported on Liquid UI for Android:

Multi-language support.

Use the terminology you already know - perform day-to-day tasks in your local language. The language globalization enables personalization of the UI and improves your user's acceptance. So everyone moves faster and stay productive.

GPS coordinates support.

Liquid UI for Android allows you to populate geographical coordinates on any SAP input field with a long press. It enables users to locate themselves on a map or determine the distance / routing information or plot business objects like a location.

HTML5 Support

The release of the WS platform and Web Server introduces compatibility with the new HTML5 standard. If you are running an HTML5-compliant browser in Liquid UI for Android, you will be able to utilize certain HTML5-only features in your WebUI interface to SAP.

Sending webmail Support

Liquid UI for Android allows you to send mails as per your requirement from SAP. It enables users to login to any mail server and access this feature from any SAP transaction.

Upload Excel

Liquid UI for Android allows you to upload the data from the excel file to the SAP transaction with a single button click. This enables you to enter bulk data into SAP with no time and avoids data entry errors. This is also convenient for finance users to input data to SAP without actually needing to manipulate SAP itself.

Upload PDF

 Liquid UI for Android allows you to upload PDF content to a given SAP transaction and modify/analyze it in PDF while providing error handling and data validations.The user is able to quickly input data into the PDF form´s pre-set fields, eliminating any need to perform data manipulation in SAP. Then a single button-click would upload the data to SAP. In this manner a great deal of similar types of data can be quickly and easily uploaded to SAP by a single user in a short amount of time.