Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.1 Overview and Introduction

Synactive presents Liquid UI for SAP on the Android platform. This new product enables you to access your ERP environments from any Android device running 4.1 Jelly Bean or above, with Kit Kat support forthcoming. The Enterprise License will also offer additional features to enhance the security and robustness of the connections between the device, the Liquid UI Server, and the SAP Application Server. Liquid UI for Android is a natively built application and does not require either web browsers or any third party middleware. In addition, Liquid UI is built on the industry-standard Liquid UI platform, enabling you to perform screen customizations or combine screens into a custom workflow without changing any business logic or writing any ABAP code. You can use the power of Liquid UI to make access to SAP from mobile devices available for all employees. Whether you need to create new sales orders, approve trip requests, or monitor the status of repair orders, Liquid UI enables you to create a customized interface and deploy it on your mobile devices.

The Android client captures the look and feel of the platform, enabling experienced Android users to quickly adapt to the new application. And custom enhancements leverage the lessons learned from our extensive experience in developing for mobile devices. Best of all, the Android client is built on the award-winning WS platform, enabling you to deploy existing scripts on your device without any changes.

The initial release of the Android client supports many of SAP's core features, such as boxes, checkboxes, editfields, images, inputfield history, list screens, long text fields, pushbuttons, radiobuttons, and tables. In addition, the initial release supports Android-centric features such as customizable backgrounds, and a native Android look and feel. We have also added unique gestures, as well as supporting the Android's built-in features. Two licenses types are supported - the Client license for direct connections to a SAP Application Server, and the Enterprise license, for use with custom scripts delivered through Liquid UI Server.

This document is the complete user documentation for the current Liquid UI for Android client. Please see the Release Notes for limitations and known issues with this version of the Liquid UI for Android client.

Note: You must configure the client to connect to your SAP Application Server or a Liquid UI Server before you can use the client. Please see the Client Configuration section for details on configuring the client. If you are using the Enterprise License, please see the Server Configuration section.