Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3.6 Liquid UI Server

Liquid UI Server is a patented solution between your SAP Server and clients that optimize network traffic and consolidate screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvement across all SAP ERP modules.


  1. Create smarter user interface - Simplified and streamlined your standard SAP transaction that boosts productivity.
  2. Enable single sign-on across any device - Give users ability to login into your SAP using Active Directory avoiding managing multiple usernames and passwords resulting less core for IT.
  3. Unified business processes - Engage your users with one integrated platform eliminating the expense of managing multiple servers for different custom built SAP applications.
  4. Deploy changes centrally - Break down scripts inconsistency by centralized deployment and send update across your organization at the same time.
  5. Save months of work - Innovate your SAP faster with easy to develop and deploy technology, saving months of work as compare to other implementations.
  6. Direct connect on any platform - Connect to your SAP via native protocols on any platform without touching the backend.
  7. Improve data integrity using barcode - Provide direct integration of barcode scanning devices or radio frequency devices with your SAP infrastructure.
  8. Built for speed - Harness the power of 64-bit architecture to gain faster computing power and improve the overall responsiveness of your SAP.
  9. Puts scalability and security first - Get multithread architecture for your SAP customization which is highly scalable, secure and supports load balancing across multiple servers.
  10. Non-intrusive communication - Send only the require information to client from your SAP server thus improving your overall server and network throughput.
  11. Flexible implementation - Provides all your SAP optimization through industrial standard JavaScript, eliminates dependency on proprietary languages.
  12. Security and user management: The server provides the following capabilities that cannot be achieved in a mobile direct connection:
    • SSL/TLS for secure communication
    • Active X Directory Management with Kerberos-Single Password and Logon for SAP and Devices
    • Centralized Licensing and User Control is available using the Synactive Portal with the Server.
  13. Performance: With Server the productivity has enhanced by over 70% through Synactive's traffic optimizer feature.

Currently, Liquid UI Server can be deployed with the following Liquid UI solutions:

  • Liquid UI for iOS Note: Server is available only with the Enterprise editions
  • Liquid UI for Android Note: Server is available only with the Enterprise editions
  • Liquid UI for Handheld Scanguns
  • Liquid UI for SAP GUI
  • Liquid UI for HTML5
  • Liquid UI Offline

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