Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.5 How do I customize Liquid UI for iOS?

You can adjust your Liquid UI for iOS app settings and customize it as per your requirement. Different options become available depending on the type of license. The following explains how you can use each app setting.

  1.  Font Selection: Click Font Selection, this option lets you change/set the font size. Select the size that you want to set and click OK.
  2. Theme: This option lets you select the theme from Tile, iClassic, Orca and LiquidUI5.
  3. Select Printer Type: This option lets you configure the printer to enable printing from the app. 
  4. Set Toolbar Height: This option allows you to increase and decrease the height of the toolbar.
  5. Open Connection List: This option lets you view your connection list. You can also add connection to your SAP Server from this screen.