Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3.10 Electronic Signature Support


With Liquid UI for iOS, you not only can review document like Change Sales Order or Change Purchase Order but also can add your signature to the document. Electronic handwritten signatures are used in the documents of the SAP transactions. You can securely access and sign the documents. This offers you innovative solutions enabling you to optimize the SAP process.

Liquid UI for iOS transform manual processes into all-digital experiences and speed up the SAP process of every transaction to attain effective results. You can sign a document from anywhere using Liquid UI app on your iOS device. Thus removing all the paper and administrative hassles and making the whole review process easy and efficient.

User Interface

In this scenario, you will learn how to use the electronic signature feature in the Change Outbound screen(VL02N) and attach the signature file to the particular transaction.

  1. Navigate to Change Outbound Delivery screen(VL02N). Enter Outbound Delivery number as shown in the figure:
  2. Click on the attachment shown on the top of the screen.
  3. You will be finding options displayed on the screen. Select the Create Attachment to attach a document.
  4. Click on the signature option and this will open a screen with the ability to sign on the screen with your finger.
  5. Click done to attach the signature document to the delivery screen.
  6. You can view a file generated with the following name. Click ok to save the file as an attachment.
    Note: You can also edit the filename before saving it.
  7. You can view a message stating "attachment was successfully created."