Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.1 Introduction and Overview

Liquid UI empowers users to work seamlessly across iOS from anywhere and at anytime. Liquid UI for iOS is a reimagination of SAP GUI, built with touch and mobility in mind. Using Liquid UI technology, users can view native SAP transactions as well as create custom transactions by simplifying and customizing SAP transactions via the Developer ToolKit. Users can deploy these custom transactions via the Liquid UI Server and requires Enterprise license. The Enterprise License also offers users additional features. Liquid UI is a natively built application and does not require either web browsers or any third party middleware. In addition, Liquid UI is built on the industry-standard Liquid UI platform, enabling users to perform screen customizations without changing any business logic or writing any ABAP code.

This document is the complete user documentation for the current Liquid UI for iOS client. Please see the Release Notes for limitations and known issues with this version of the Liquid UI for iOS client. However, there are other components in the Liquid UI solution. These are covered in their own dedicated documents, as follows:

WS Developer Guide
Contains documentation on installing and configuring WS. Also contains a full list of available commands and functions available for scripting customized SAP screens and transactions.

Liquid UI Server
Covers Liquid UI Server installation and configuration. The essential Server configurations necessary for Liquid UI are included in this document, but there are additional features and functionality that we will not cover here.
Note: You must configure the client to connect to your SAP Application Server or a Liquid UI Server before you can use the client. Please see the Client Configuration section for details on configuring the client. If you are using the Enterprise License, please see the Server Configuration section.