Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.3 Features and Functionality

Liquid UI for iOS offers SAP users a wide range of features and functionality. The following is a list of the features contained in the latest release of Liquid UI for iOS. Please see the Release Notes on the Synactive website for a full list of included features and functionality.

Liquid UI Client License supports all the below features which are helpful in the effective representation of the app:

  • Direct SAP native connect ensuring fastest performance between SAP and mobile devices
  • Enhanced F4 OCX provides the flexibility to search and filter, based on values or ranges
  • Any Endian kernels format
  • Localization to support localized user interfaces
  • 64-bit Architecture to address more memory resulting in faster computing power
  • Improved table control for fluid scrolling, including support for static columns
  • Split view for multitasking
  • SAP GUI crucial features such as F4, F1, and multi-session
  • Multiple connections to SAP Server
  • Mobile Printing right from the app
  • Attaching files to SAP transactions
  • Auto logon to connect automatically to SAP server, without being required to enter logon credentials each time
  • Tile and classic themes support
  • Device gestures such as flicks, swipes, and zoom
  • Message box, menus, calendar, combo box, listview/table
  • Automating SAP transactions to eliminate slow, manually dependent and error-prone processes
  • GPS to track and enter the latitude and longitude values of your location in the inputfields.
  • Scan Credit Card enables you to scan credit card details and auto-populate them to the inputfields that helps you in completing the transaction process easily.
  • Electronic Signature Support enables you to sign a document and attach it to your required transaction from anywhere using Liquid UI for iOS and helps in completing the review process easily and efficiently.

Liquid UI Enterprise supports all the below features more efficiently and you will also get all the features included from Liquid UI Client:

  • Management Portal, license provisioning using Liquid UI Management Portal.
  • Liquid UI Server, Liquid UI Server is a patented solution between your SAP Server and client that optimizes network traffic and consolidate screens and transactions, resulting in significant performance improvement across all SAP ERP modules.
  • Single Sign-On, Liquid UI users can use domain username and password to login to SAP system.
  • Barcode Scanning, enabling on mobile devices using either the built-in camera or with third-party devices such as Linea Pro. It supports full native scanner configuration capability, performs auto-tabbing and auto enter, based on prefixes, postfixes, and barcode types.
  • Notification enables you to send the notification to track and manage SAP processes with ease.
  • SAP Workflow, leveraging device specific feature such as email for SAP Workflow integration.
  • Web Services, offering wide a range of uses from providing turn-by-turn directions to help users get to a certain address or translating a German language UI to English before the data is posted to SAP.
  • Themes Support, offering a new modern user interface for a completely innovative user experience to improve the screen visibility, changing ways you interact with SAP.
  • Data Encryption using TLS, providing additional security for data being transmitted wirelessly.